The Science of CorePeeling

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Video Transscript

Did you know you were born with immense powers as a child? Your real self.

However, in your journey to adulthood, these powers have been covered with multiple layers, which were directly or indirectly laid upon your core. We call them influencing layers, because these layers have been influencing your thoughts and actions to date. The initial layers were of the thought and belief system put upon you by your parents, religion, and extended family. As you grew up, additional layers of your friends, education, society, and nowadays the Internet too were laid on you. We call these layers indirect influencing layers because they are learnings which have come to you from other’s experiences.

In this beautiful journey of life, you also learned by yourself through some direct experiences: direct media, various events of your life, traveling, nature, sports, discussions, and your work. We call them direct influencing layers.

These direct and indirect learnings that you have received produce the thoughts and actions which are at a relative level. When you seek solutions to your problems, your mind provides them by relating the problem to these layers, or your previous learnings – hence the solution you get is also at a relative level. Since these layers are so thick on your core, you engage yourself only with the relative truth for most of the time and are kept away from the real truth. This may lead to a temporary or wrong solution.

The process of CorePeeling will assist you on a subtle journey from your adulthood to your childhood – or, rather, from your relative truth to the real truth. This journey requires an alignment between your body, mind, and core, and this alignment – and its regular practice – leads you to connect with your core. A connected core is empowered to understand the real reasons, the real truth, and the real solutions. This beautiful experiential journey back to your core, by systematically peeling your layers, is the process of CorePeeling.

Your Influencing Layers

How you react to a situation in life is heavily dependent on your influencing layers, hence it becomes very important for you to understand what are the different influencing layers on you? How are these influencing layers affecting your daily life? Why is it important for you to understand them? Why should you always be cognizant of them?

Others define you and your personality by the influencing layers on you, and these started to take shape from the moment you were born. You were immediately given a name by others; you were aligned to a certain religion; people who were responsible for bringing you into this world - your parents - immediately took control of your life. As you start to grow, you are being given a certain set of instructions on how to lead your life; you are being told what to do and what not to do. Being a student, you are taught the known information on various subjects. We are purposefully calling it information and not knowledge, for it is the data that is coming to you from the experiences or experiments of others.

Is this information wrong? Maybe not, but it is only at a relative level. That Newton invented gravity is information, not knowledge. Experiencing gravity in day-to-day life, how it affects your energy system and how you can use it in conjunction with your body to draw maximum results is knowledge. Can it be taught to you? Perhaps, but again that will just be information.

Whatever you learn from books or from others is second-hand information. Information and indirect experiences are the by-products of indirect influencing layers. Whatever information is acquired through indirect influencing layers is also a truth, but at a very relative level. Direct experiences are almost at a negligible level when you operate at the indirect-influencing-layer level.

When information goes through direct experience, it converts to knowledge. At direct-influencing-layer level, there is some information which is converted to knowledge, as there is direct experience at that level. The goal should be to convert information to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom, and knowledge converts to wisdom when it goes through direct experience by an empowered core.

Your extended family, friends, and society keep advising you in your life from what they have learned from their influencers, and on top of all of that is the Internet, which is influencing you the most with its sea of information. In fact, the Internet goes way ahead, as how many times a day do you use Google for verifying, acquiring, and validating the information you want? Google has become the word of God: whatever it says is considered to be true. But remember, Google is nothing but a pool of secondhand information, and how much of that information is relevant to you is still a matter of debate.

Everything that you have learnt through your 5 Senses is a relative truth and is a subject of Body and Mind. The Real truth is a subject of your Core. Every experience leaves you with an after thought and subsequent actions, these thoughts and actions result into forming up your belief system. Since, brain works in patterns and responds only to the data which has been fed into it through these experiences, you mostly end up with dealing, at the level of your Relative truth. Since, you are away from the Real truth, you operate and relate the things at a superficial level leading to negative thoughts and feelings, sometimes. CorePeeling will help you to work with your Core, be close to your Real Truth and find a way to Inner Satisfaction, Peace and Love in whatever you do. Success and Happiness will always be close to you.

It is pertinent to mention that, the process of CorePeeling, is a tricky one to travel upon, it demands – patience, sensitivity, love, sacrifice, surrender and determination. A primary requirement to start the process of CorePeeling is a will to unlearn all those attributes which you are carrying as a baggage (layers) over a number of years. Peeling these different layers to understand our true potential and related attributes is an initial process for CorePeeling.

It is a never ending process but, as you learn to connect with your CORE, the journey of life becomes an enjoyable one. A journey which is full of contentment, love, life and happiness. Process of CorePeeling is so subtle and strong that, with its regular practice, it becomes the part of your daily life, to make you team up with your CORE at will. This will further make you sensitive to the surroundings, aware of the different layers at all times and use the POWER of THE CORE at will to achieve your desired goals, dreams, vision and live a purposeful life.

Your brain works in patterns and as you learn to let go of those patterns that don’t serve you anymore, you will evolve. This is the essence of CorePeeling.

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