Wellness Retreats

Wellness aligns the mind, body and Core with a balanced flow of energy. It is an ongoing process of our experiences, energy flows, thoughts and actions that become the stories of our lives. Wellness is dynamic in nature and is always to be experienced in the present. Therefore it should consistently be Assessed, Analyzed and Adapted. Wellness is not something that you think of working at a later part of your life rather, every choice you make each day writes your continued journey to wellness …

Our holistic Wellness retreats are 100% experiential in nature and based on the Corepeelers Methodology of:

  1. Understanding yourSELF
  2. Engaging with yourSELF
  3. Empower yourSELF

By attending our wellness retreats you will explore those parts of you which have always been with you but you are not very well aware of them. The programs are designed in a systematic way to peel your layers and connect with your core to make you explore your innerSELF.

Benefits that you can expect after attending our retreats:

  • Experience improved self-awareness
  • Understand your influencing layers
  • Unleash your creative self
  • Feel more empowered and confident
  • Understand your own unique Energy Flow System
  • Elevated in your emotional intelligence
  • Make better life decisions
  • Deal with stress and adversity more effectively
  • Improved productivity in your personal and professional life
  • Health and balance your Lifestyle

Each person is an open system: we take in energy from sources around us, transform and organize it, and return it to the environment. Ilya Prigogene won a Nobel Prize for his theory of dissipative structures. A dissipative structure is an open system in which energy is taken in, modified, and then returned [dissipated] to the environment.Wellness requires an efficient flow of energy. Disease is when the flow of energy is disrupted, blocked, or derailed in some manner.

Consider these examples of disrupted energy flow:

  • Take in more energy than is required in the form of food than is required, the result being obesity.
  • Block energy, such as to suppress communication or repress feelings.
  • Take in insufficient energy, such as vitamins and nutrients, or to deny compliments of others.
  • Crossover or inappropriate substitution of one form of energy for another; such as using sex to satisfy a spiritual need, or money to satisfy an emotional need
  • Redirect energy in an indirect way, such as passive-aggressive behavior or psychosomatic symptoms.
  • Weak interface or unfocused assertiveness with others, resulting in diminished emotional impact.
  • Exercise withdrawals from your emotional or physical bank account without replenishing.
  • Poor interface with the environment such as impulsive, explosive, or addictive behaviour.

We want to guide you to write your own wellness story.


  • 70% of health-care costs stem from preventable diseases. (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • 70 – 80% of physician visits are stress related. (US Public Health Survey)
  • Stress is the number one reason behind absenteeism from work. (Gee Publishing Survey)
  • Stress undermines work productivity in nine out of ten companies. (Industrial Society Survey)
  • Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have reached epidemic proportions and almost all are preventable. (American Medical Association)
  • Every dollar invested in worksite wellness yields 300 – 600% return through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and decreased health-related costs. (Partnership for Prevention National Coalition)

Our Retreat Programs

7-Days Corepeelers Wellness Retreat – A journey to your core…

A signature offering of Corepeelers, this program is an inward journey into yourself. Set amongst a luxurious picturesque landscape or a scenic villages, this is a treat that you can gift yourself. This comprehensive retreat is spread over 7 days with 21 hours of hands-on practice of corepeeling methodology which will enable you to unravel your creative self and unlock the potential within. Each day is filled with variety of exciting, fun-based exercises. At the same time giving a sense of purpose to reflect, discover, and exercise your innate talents by peeling your core layer by layer. Exploring yourself in the mystic land, blending some of the finest traditional practices along with scientific Corepeelers methodology, this one surely promises you an enriching and fulfilling experience.

3-Day CorePeelers Weekend Retreat – Rejuvenate YourSELF…

What if your weekends and short holiday become something memorable for life? We strive to give out of the world experience for your inner and outer journey. Our 3 day retreat is for people who want to experience learning and fun, inner exploration and adventure all at one go. The 3 day program is designed to give you an experience of our corepeeler methodology along with at least one celebrity to be with you for all 3 days who will share and learn with you. We will take care of your comfort and hospitality as we feel that, mind performs better if its senses are treated well. We promise to make your inner-journey a memorable one with picturesque landscape and luxurious stay.

Highlights (Non-Exhaustive and subject to change):

(Program schedules and itinerary to be announced with each program)

  • 2 Corepeelers Methodology Sessions – 90 Minutes each (Daily)
  • 2 Meditation Sessions – 60 Minutes each (Daily)
  • Storytelling
  • Celebrity Participation
  • Talk shows
  • Jungle Safari
  • Adventure Sports
  • Writing Sessions
  • Floor Games
  • Plays (Amphitheatre)
  • Trekking
  • Painting

…and many more!

Fee Inclusions & Exclusions: (Final inclusions and exclusions may vary with every retreat)


  • Airfare (to and fro, local airport transfers)
  • Food (All three meals – Veg only)
  • Accommodation (3 or 4 Star or equivalent)
  • Corepeelers Merchandise


  • Any additional expenditure apart from what is included above
  • Additional travel plans; extension of stay in India beyond the program dates
  • Usage of mini-bar/room service/laundry service etc.
  • Use of Spa, Gym or other such recreational services

Upcoming program dates

To be announced soon

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