The Circle of Belief System

The information or knowledge that you have acquired through various experiences from your indirect and direct influencing layers create your thoughts and belief system. These thoughts and beliefs dominate and guide your actions, which further leads to experiences, and thus a vicious cycle of relative experiences, thoughts, and actions begin. If you continue to operate at this relative level, it will be almost impossible for you to come out of it, as your thoughts and actions will keep leading you to experiences which will further strengthen your relative belief system. We call this as a circle of belief system.

A circle of belief system is made up of experiences from the indirect and direct influencing layers. This circle becomes hardened with time and experiences which are repetitive in nature. It also means that your thoughts and related actions will be based on certain beliefs and previous experiences which have proved to be right or wrong for you over a period of time. It becomes very hard to break through the circle of belief system as time goes on, and a growth mindset is required to do so.

Is it really important to get rid of your influencing layers? Understanding the layers that influence you as a person is very important, but to peel those layers or not is totally a decision of your conscious mind. Your core is the best friend, best mentor, best guide you will ever find in your journey of life. How often do you connect with your core? How much do you know about your body, its senses, and energy flow system? Do you know where your thoughts are coming from and what they are guiding you towards? Do you want to become more empowered and powerful in whatever you do? Do you want satisfaction, peace, and love to be a perpetual part of your life?

Should you want to seek answers to all these questions, it is pertinent to not only know what influencing layers are upon you but also how to remove them, because until you do, it will be very difficult for you to meet the real you.

How do you understand and remove your influencing layers? The first step to understanding your influencing layers is to have a growth mindset. If the circle of belief has hardened over a period of time, your mind will find it difficult to accept that whatever you have believed until now is wrong and it will strongly resist accepting any change to your inner and outer worlds. If, however, you have a growth mindset and are ready to unlearn the old and accept the new with a zeal to explore, you will be able to crack the code of breaking that hardened shell. People who have a fixed mindset strongly believe that whatever they know is the complete knowledge and find it difficult to accept the present and future in real terms. They would prefer to live in the relative world, as they are people who believe that whatever they see or hear is the only truth.

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