Social Development Studio

You are unique and core of the society. Yourself,your family,your relations,your language and region to macro society which Indian Upanishad Addressed as Vasudaiba Kutumbakam~the whole world is One family.

Social Studio recognises you as core and all relations which are constantly evolving is Progressive society. Harmony and conflict stay together that influence your life. The creative discovery of each other’s potential and mode of conflict resolutions do save our children from suffering from loneliness which pops up often from broken family or with unresolved conflicts. At the social studio, we look at social fabric as a whole. It is working towards evolving harmony without compromising with self-esteem. Again CorePeelers’ social studio bridges the need of neglected or less empowered or less fortunate. Here CorePeelers’ foundation come to play a role where resources available with humanity are pulled together to serve the cause of society which is neglected and ailing.
CorePeelers’ look at society in totality and addresses small fabric so that humanity is served at the end and as society, we contribute towards our civilization

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