Questioning…to Peel The Core

Quest and Questioning is part of CorePeeling. To reach out to core we must have a strong quest and crossover all that which stalls the thinking process. The process of questioning has to start only after the unlearning has started to take effect whether as a practice on a short term or as formation of habit.


Questions crop up in the journey of life and play an essential part in learning and growth of an individual. Once the unlearning has taken place, the new learning should start with the right questioning. Considering, that right questioning results in right answers, it is very important to understand the Why, When, What and How of Questioning.

WHY...WHEN...WHAT...and HOW of Questioning

1. The WHY of questioning: We all are striving for a GREATER SUCCESS in life. The solutions to all our aspirations and issues lie in the right questions. If we are able to ask the right questions at the right time we are almost sure that we will get the right answers / solutions. In other words, to get solutions to all our issues and aspirations, we must ask right questions to our own self.

2. The WHEN of questioning: Timing of questioning is of utmost importance. If, we have mastered the art of unlearning, our senses become very sensitive to all events and circumstances in and around us. Our Growth (learning) mind becomes active in real sense. Our mind sub - consciously or consciously responds to the external or internal stimuli by asking a SMILING QUESTION immediately to our inner self (Core). The timing becomes perfect with practice as, if the question is not asked by the mind at the right time, we may be deprived of the right answer / solution, and is a signal that, the body and mind are yet to be aligned and unlearning process is yet to be mastered.

3. The WHAT of questioning: So much is happening around us, why are there only some things which affect us more than the others. Every event and circumstance around us, which affect our feelings is a trigger for us to ask the right question. We need to be cognizant of these situations which trigger feelings of - anger, love, jealousy, hatred, and many more such feelings. To be able to relate our feelings with these situations the questions must be asked to find the root cause of our feelings.

4. The HOW of questioning: Learning HOW is the most important part of Questioning process. A CorePeeler is a master at this game. Identification of what to question leads to a process of how to question and get the right answers is a methodology which can be honed with practice.

The world is enigma. It has many questions. Those are barometers to realize the self and become aware about one’s own intellect or power of thinking these questions and quest provide a foundation of life. This is where from CorePeeling springs and inner wisdom surfaces outside and our life becomes a better space to negotiate within and outside.

The question and its process in life is about initiating a dialogue with nature that smoothens the process of living with alignment with the world around. This sets the rule of self-discipline of learning and unlearning through quests and Questioning process. This exercise is all about discovering core and living a solaceful and meaningful life. The grace of questions is bliss for CorePeelers.

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