I am not getting along well with my manager


We at CorePeeler Believe that, your SELF (Core) has immense power in itself and answers to all your questions. Your relationship with yourself is so multi-layered that, it requires a wholehearted commitment to cut through, to the CORE of Your being, leading to the transcendental Self, that you are. Smart Tools is a thought provoking exercise which will slowly lead you to your inner SELF.

Why should you be guided by external people, thoughts and circumstances to solve your issues?
When YOU can become your best guide.

CorePeelers Smart Tools, is a step by step process which will help you to identify the problems you are having with your manager, the real reasons behind it and explore all possible solutions to build a healthy relation with your manager.

This technology enabled exercise, will help you to easily identify the roadblocks and solutions thereof, turning them into actionable points, which you will commit to yourself and we will help you to keep a track of all your activities. This mutual commitment between you and your Core will help you to find ways to have good rapport with your manager and Start a Journey of Success, Happiness, Achievement, and Growth.

NOTE: You can complete the entire journey on your own, however we recommend you to opt for a CorePeeler Mentor who can support you to steer through, the complete this journey.

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