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Nothing in life happens by chance. People come into your life for a reason and when the purpose is to contribute towards universal good, nature itself comes into the driver’s seat to push the agenda. Universal energies start to combine towards that common agenda and convert it into an inspirational movement – a movement where age, experience, geographies, distances, and time don’t matter. What matters is a powerful energy which is generated by resources unified by nature to fulfill that agenda.

CorePeelers is one such inspirational movement started by people from cross-country geographies who did not even know one another three years ago and who have never met in person – until now. People who connected with one another as part of a larger plan. People who are separated by diversified cultures, languages, age, experiences, and religion but unified by a common purpose of greater good. The combined wisdom, experience, and intellect of these people has resulted in developing CorePeelers as a powerful concept to connect people to their own self and empower their core to live a more satisfying life.

There are multiple ways, tools, and techniques that have been used by people for centuries to deliver nature’s messages. Those messages have always been relevant and powerful in their timeline as they were targeted to a set of people. As we at CorePeelers acknowledge and respect each message, we believe that each will have its takers and so will CorePeelers have its own.

The concept of CorePeelers emphasizes that you were born powerful and have subdued those powers by adding multiple layers to your original self – your core. CorePeelers is a simple but powerful experiential concept which helps you to identify the lost or ignored aspects within you. It further helps you to peel the layers, to reach back to your core, connect with it, and empower it to achieve your desired goals.


Nature has its own ways to communicate its message for universal good, choosing its own resources to perform a specific task towards that goal, and I feel blessed that nature has chosen me to communicate the concept of CorePeeling. Though I may have written it, the real power behind this book has come from the team behind it, and I merely represent that wonderful team – the lucky ones chosen by nature to deliver this message. They come from different cultures, countries, and age groups, but the journey of actualizing the concept of CorePeeling has been very satisfying for each of us. We firmly believe that this concept is an ever-evolving one which will, in turn, be handed over to the next generation of CorePeelers. I personally urge you to become a CorePeeler by exploring this powerful concept and help to further evolve it for our generations yet to come…

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