Om Shanti Om

It is said that the universe was created within sound and that sound also gives a man his spiritual destiny. With the chanting of mantras, a psychological atmosphere is created which goes towards the purification of the mind and the body.

Chanting right –
A mantra can be a monosyllable as in the case of AUM, or it can be a verse from Vedic scriptures running into more than sixty syllables. In tantric Shastras, mantras run into 110 syllables. Generally, mantras are written in Sanskrit.

To pronounce the mantras there are the specific pulse, pitch, and speed. Each individual syllable in the mantra should be pronounced neither slowly nor rapidly. According to the Tantra school of thought, the perfect process of pronunciation and pause thereof gain effectiveness as it is more and more silently uttered; and the greatest efficacy attaches to meditation where there is no loud muttering but only silent meditation over the fundamental unity.

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