Mind Space Studio

Welcome to Mind Space Studio. This is a special space to initiate a self-talk process and thinking anew and with new perspective about all the givens.

Halt for a While.Think. Do you really do the self talk every day about you! I mean not profession, not social issues or even family. Do you really care and talk to your unique self which is the core of our true self. Perhaps we have very little time for this. We , by habit, negotiate what are gives or what is popping up as new challenges. So we are almost living a mechanical life and ignoring the precious self called YOU. Positive Mantra is to procces the mind for encountering the self within and realize the micro universe within you and is true removal of Macro Cosmos. CorePeelers’ are up to peeling off the self and initiate an Intimate Self Talk within to handle the self with much more care and discover the power of mind that bridges wherever divides are there. Let’s begin the Journey Within.‎

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