Listening…a Powerful Tool

Right questions...leads to right answers, but what is the use, if we are not able to listen to those answers. Listening is as important a process, as Questioning. An aligned body and mind leads to a powerful internal and external receptor. We hear through our ears and listen through our healthy mind. The process of Listening happens both before and after the process of Questioning.

The most important part of the CorePeeling process is Listening. An aligned body must be able to listen to all sensations arising from various people, events, happenings, circumstances, and things around us. This requires the body and mind to be aligned. Our CorePeeling techniques make our mind receptive to such sensations and help the mind to listen for asking right questions and listening back again the answers or solutions. If our body and mind are well aligned, this process normally takes micro-seconds to listen-question-and listen.


Listening is an Art that prepares the platform of living life in harmony.

Listening and understanding sound means learning from omni direction. Again, analyzing the sound we listen, make us unlearn many things. Similarly, we experience sound of Silence. This silence can be heard and while listening to these sounds of Silence we discover the mysticism of abstractness of nature

Again, listening to the nature and what is natural is like reading encyclopedia of sound and silence of nature that empowers. Nature is the greatest teacher provided we have patience to listen to them. Here CorePeeler evolves the process to internalize nature by listening.

Again, listening within and hearing the whisper of inner mind through the process of self talk within sublime silence allow us to get connected with several energy sources within. This inner natural empowerment make your life a wonderful experiential one.

Then comes listening to each other within societal living. Listening at the onset we give a precious space to others and this space is matter of respecting others. Listening others not only make you responsive but you allow other for full expressions. This creates bonds. This bridges minds. This cements relations. This Listening ensures truce and conflict resolution. So, listening for CorePeelers is core function for all that finally heals the self and others too.

(Inner Voice)

Listening, is both Inward and outward.

Listening to the voice of the CORE also requires a parallel process of FACILITATING the voice of the CORE. What is point of only listening if we cannot facilitate the voice of the CORE to bring it into action. Our techniques of facilitating the voice of the CORE, and a regular practice of the same makes a perfect COREPEELER.

Inner voice requires a facilitation, to pass through noise which is within our mind. This process subtly starts with listening, involves questioning, listening and reaching to a decision point or an action point. This is a slow process to start with but, with practice it becomes a process to be completed in just few micro seconds.

Facilitation is being performed initially by brain, slowly taken over by the mind and then governed by the core. A part of self which works as a friend in the process of CorePeeling performs the role of a facilitator. There will be multiple reasons to distract one’s mind from the process of CorePeeling, but facilitation keeps the person on track and committed to the goal, he/she may want to achieve.

Pre-requisites of facilitation are:

  1. Commitment
  2. Faith
  3. Surrender
  4. A will to learn
  5. Speed to adapt and accept

Would you like to learn the art of facilitating your own self?

Become a CorePeeler.

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