Keeping The Slate Clean

A child who is born with a super conscious state of mind, and further adds different layers of experiences which further convert into strong beliefs. These beliefs are the causes of various thoughts and actions (resultant behavior patterns). The first step to CorePeel and reach out to one’s Core is to keep the slate clean.

The process of unlearning is the most important and requires a growth mindset. If we continue to live with our beliefs so strongly that, we neither are ready to accept the changing external circumstances nor are we ready to change as per those external requirements, believing that whatever we are thinking and doing is the only right thing. This is a fixed mindset approach to life, and this approach not only stops us from learning and adapting to the changes, but also results in most of the pain and sorrow which comes in our life. A fixed mindset continues to blame the external circumstances for everything good or bad which happens to his / her life and thus, drags him further away from the solution and the root cause of the problem.

A growth mindset on the other hand, not only accepts the external situations, it is also adaptive to change. A growth mindset is flexible with its beliefs and is ready to not only learn new things but, is equally fast to forget the past. This keeps his slate always clean and ready for a new learning/ new story to be written on it.


Rather, process of unlearning starts with a growth mindset and uses the existing knowledge to make new experiences more meaningful to us. Our brain works on the existing data and set patterns, however as we open ourselves to feel a wanted feeling for learning from all internal and external experiences our mind receives new information and is ready to explore new paths.

Basic attributes required for the unlearning process:

  1. A growth mindset
  2. Forgetfulness
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Respect for self
  5. Faith
  6. Surrender

This process of unlearning, has to start with simple steps

  1. Be in the moment
  2. Identify what do you need in the current moment
  3. Assess the current situations and circumstances
  4. Identify what is not serving you in that situation
  5. Let go of what is not serving your purpose
  6. Focus on the current requirement only
  7. Evaluating consequences of past actions and the lessons learned.

Choices, habits, and patterns that create negative outcomes can be let go. It is usually easier to create new positive habits and patterns through repetition than quitting negative habits and not replacing them with the positive ones.

What is truly ours must be evaluated. In the eyes of the world or legal ownership we may own objects or property but in the true sense does anything belongs to anyone. The object or the property does not care who uses it. This idea of ownership must be discarded mentally and unlearned so that we can totally free up our mind to learn the truths or do further learning. As the saying goes - the more we learn we realize that how little we know.

Consistently, practicing these steps for short periods will train the brain in a pattern that, this process will become a part of the sub conscious and unlearning all what is not serving the purpose shall become a habit.

To peel the Core and strike a connect within starts with purifying our thought and action. And for this we have to undertake UNLEARNING as a conscious effort of mind and mental contemplation. The inner core is innocent, pure and creative as it was there in childhood days. This purity if one can retain in adulthood, life may become a Bliss.

Thus, CorePeeling recognizes UNLEARNING as a core action of self and through this process pollutants called illusive desires and karma are shredded.

Going back to basics of pure innocence and cleansing of mind and habits create an inroad to the core. Through the process of negating all negations and developing the essence of benevolence create the passage for core. The person then helps all, selflessly love all, wishes good to all and remain within the spirit of Nature. This is the biggest result of unlearning for CorePeelers. Purity is discovered through Unlearning only.

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