Identify your Direct Influencers

However, in addition to the indirect influencing layers there are some direct influencing layers too. These are related to your direct experiences through media, sports, travel, discussions, various events in your life, and your work. As you go through these direct experiences, you acquire both information and knowledge. However, since these experiences are also at a very relative level, the knowledge acquired through direct experiences is also at a very relative level. You travel across the world to have a direct experience of various cultures and people.

Your direct experience is surely valuable, as it makes you acquire knowledge about the people you meet and talk with across the world, but this acquired information is also partly at a relative level, as you only acquire information about the choices, living habits, societies, and cultures of people and places you meet and visit. Had you known what role these people, places, and events would play in your life and vice versa, that might have resulted in the acquisition of real knowledge – though in some direct-influencing-layer experiences where your body and mind aligns involuntarily, this does actually occur. Direct influencing layers have a lesser indirect experience and information quotient, however since the experiences are still at a relative level, the knowledge quotient is only at a medium level.

Media in today’s time is a direct influencer. As you come in contact with direct media and the contemporary information it feeds you, it affects your thoughts and related actions. Your interaction with media is a one-toone interaction. The information it provides to you is immediately processed to derive your learnings from it. These learnings further contribute to your belief system and further layers on your core.

Events that happen in your life are the biggest source of your personal learnings. Direct experience that you get from these events adds a great deal to your thoughts and beliefs. Though these experiences are direct in nature, most of the time they involve dealing with a relative world and hence lead to the relative truth. You marry and your spouse brings into your life a different mix of culture, thoughts, and belief system. As you spend time with your spouse, you explore some aspects of their belief system and are influenced by it – thus your marriage adds an influencing layer to your core.

Travel brings to you direct experiences about different societies and cultures, as you travel to different places and meet different people. These experiences feed a new set of data to your hard drive (brain) and influence your thoughts and actions. Since these experiences are again relative in nature, they may influence you at a relative level.

Nature influences your thoughts and actions in a very different way, working in alignment with the current situation of your body, mind, and core to provide experiences which affect your thoughts and actions. If your mind is at a relative level while interacting with nature, your experiences will be likewise.

Sports again give you some direct learnings, mostly while you interact with others while playing or watching a sport. Your energy flow is directly proportional to the involvement of your body, mind, core, and their subsequent interaction with the sport or players. These experiences sometimes influence you in a very subtle way and for a very long time. Suppose, for example, you are playing a sport where you are playing better than your counterpart and still you lose. The influence of that event may affect you deep inside, as would winning despite having played badly.

Discussions are normally based on your information level, and when you get into discussions with people on various topics, you tend to be influenced by the information being shared with you and the behavioral pattern of others. This then further affects your thoughts and actions.

Work gives you a varied experience where you practically deploy your acquired skills to earn a living for yourself. The stakes are high and these experiences affect your life as a whole, and an aligned body, mind, and core can handle the lows and highs of work experiences in a better way. Though all these experiences are at a relative level, when you become an expert at seeing through them and exploring the real truth, you start to see these work experiences in a different way.

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