Cultural Studio

We all are UNIQUE…and we all have Talents. As we are busy with the hustle – bustle of life, and are unable to connect to our own selves…we tend to lose out on our talents also. Corepeelers plans to bring a reason for you to smile and engage others in a joyful manner to not only showcase your talents but, also engage masses to experience a celebrity status. Watch out for this space, as our team is planning to rock you with loads of surprises and gifts. Culture is the core of our civilization.
Culture is the way of life and belief system in vogue in different geopolitical settings. Culture has all the diversities yet culture unites all. Culture is oral tradition be that of family or the society as a whole. There is tangible and intangible culture. It covers language to expressions,social behaviour to governance,it addresses costumes to cousins. In Short whole universal knowledge is Culture. There are challenges of Culture , shifts to other cultures,respect g or disrespecting one’s own value of culture. Cultural Studio feels if one is well rooted in cultural knowledge then negotiating through many cultures become useful. Be in corporate or in intra-country socio-cultural or diplomatic engagement culture remains core. But due to the technological pressure we are being uprooted from our own culture which is causing serious challenges in all society across the globe. CorePeelers’ addresses all that possible through Cultural Studio that would empower individual to be rooted well in one’s own culture and appreciate others
cultural Studio

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