Cultural Pride

Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj Shree desired to cultivate pure spiritualism one must have a deep reverence for one’s own culture. Because, since birth, a child is nurtured by his or her parental culture encompassing all aspects of life and living. Those culture at one level talks about our expected behavior towards all. Then it’s about the culture of speaking a language and showing verbal, physical (Like Namaskar Mudra etc) respect to elders and caring the seniors of the society.

There are many value systems, knowledge base and wisdom that shape a personality. There is a culture of the family which includes oral history, geo-ecology, rituals and religious belief systems. The language and its learning is also huge culture. Societal culture, reverence, and harmonious co-existence in a pluralistic society are a matter of learning and living in the broad spectrum of anthropological culture.

Intangible knowledge and tangible landmarks are also cultures. Civilization and its history are matter of great learning of culture. Experiencing traditions, festivities, and celebrations are punctuations of culture. The culture of knowledge from the Celestial body to the world of animals, insects, birds and vegetation is all about culturing knowledge about the planet where we are housed.

The contrasts of ‘other’ culture and conflict resolutions are some of the constants of life. Life is all about learning whatever we see or perceive and even experience. In this Cultural Pride, we will try to look at all the possible elements of Indian culture. This can squarely become a platform of Indian appreciative wisdom tradition. Let’s begin the journey and try to gather knowledge. These are some milestone I have walked and treasured for the generation next.

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