CorePeelers Wellness

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The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly - Buddha

Wellness Retreats

Taking you away from the Hussle-bustle of life and bringing you close to the Nature is the only motive of these retreats. When you are close to nature and focus to connect with your own Core your physical, emotional and spiritual growth happens. Corepeelers has two formats of these retreats - a Seven Day Retreat and a Three Day Weekend Retreat. We bring a lot of value to these programs through multiple engagements and focus to give you a mindful growth at all levels

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Self-help Tools

The solutions to all your problems lie within your own SELF. How many times you speak to your own self to find solutions to your problems. Corepeelers has created technology aided tools in form of smart software’s which help you to speak with your self to find answers to all your problems. The tools assist you to identify your real issues, related reasons for those issues, help you find solutions to those issues and further help you prioritise your solutions and related actions. The tools help you to create measurable goals and related actions and also follow you to make sure that you achieve them.

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CorePeelers Workshops

CorePeelers methodology raises the level of mental, emotional and spiritual level of participants. With an aim to take participant deep into his own self the process involves delayering of multiple influencing layers, engaging with one’s own self to experience energy flows and align internally to empower the Core. These workshops are delivered by our experienced CorePeelers who make sure that you receive the experience of a life time. The workshops can be as short as a four hour engagement to as long as a three day program

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CorePeelers Coaching Sessions

Sometimes our external circumstances are not in our control and affect us both mentally and emotionally. These events can have a long term effect on us and affect our day to day life. Despite of our best efforts we are unable to stabilise our life as we are unable to think and connect wit ourself. At other times we expect to increase our potential or aspire to acquire some goals in life. These are the times when we feel a need to share our life and goals with someone who can understand us and at the same time guide us on our next steps. Corepeelers group of experienced and Certified Coaches help our clients through one-to one sessions and help them to achieve their goals with full responsibility, trust and care. Needless to mention that we maintain very high level of client confidentiality during these sessions.

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