CorePeelers for Business

CorePeelers believes that a foundation of a successful business is dependant on how well are the people, processes and technology capabilities are aligned with the CORE of Business. Corepeelers delivers end-to-end Business Solutions to its valued clients and help them achieve their desired business goals

The Business Connection

You know that you are made up of your body, mind and core. Business is treated as a separate legal entity and has an anatomy of its own - it has its own body, mind and core. Business is also influenced by multiple direct and indirect influencing layers. The anatomy of business is a real complex one. In business you have to not only deal with yourself but also other people, their thoughts and related actions, which result into experiences proving to be positive and negative for business.

It is not only pertinent to understand the body, mind and core of business however, it is equally important that they work in alignment with each other. Body for once can function alone, mind for once can function alone but to produce the desired experience it is important they work in Tandem powered with the energy of core. If body and mind of businesses are not connected to core the entire business may fall apart.

The Body

As you have your 10 senses in the body which bring information and perform various actions, business has its customers, employees, products and services which act as its senses for bringing information and performing actions.

Customers: The most important touch point for your business is your customer as, all your product and services are directed towards it. The originator of information on one side and consumer on the other side for all your products send services. Customer has a subtle but strong connection with your core purpose.

Employees: Multiple people working in alignment towards achieving the business goals act as hands and legs of the business. They are responsible for all the execution of the policies and strategies. A very important touch point which touches both the Business and the Customer.

Products and Services: An experience touch point or carrier of the business core purpose, product and services represent the deliverable of an action. It is important that the product and services of any business are as per the decision making and execution of their planned strategy. Since, they carry business values and bring-in information they are of utmost importance to any business

The Mind

As your mind performs decision making of the brain, nerves and energy flows, the role of mind in business is played by the Leadership decision making, strategy, processes and technology. Managing the available resources and using them optimally to consume and conserve them is part of the mind of business.

Processes: The most important part of the mind of business is processes. If the processes are not laid down properly the energy in form of data and information will not flow in the right manner resulting into underperformance. Processes are like nerves which carry information to and from the brain and they have to be healthy.

Technology: Technology acts like an enabler to the nerves or the processes of business. Inbuilt steroids which help to make the function of a process faster and accurate. It is important to make a right choice of a steroid for the right process a mismatch would lead to mismanagement of resources further leading to low efficiency and less effectiveness of the process.

Strategy and Decision Making: Mind controls the flow of energy in your system and takes decisions. In business this work is done by the leadership which works on the strategy and the related decision making. It is very important that the leadership is aligned with the core purpose as, if there is a misalignment between the core and the can result into a catastrophic havoc for any business. This is the most important part of the business as leadership keeps changing but core remains to be the same. Every new leadership which comes to the playing field of business has to be first aligned to the core and it should forever work in alignment wit the Core purpose

The Core

Energy flows from the core and core is part of nature, its strong, its vital and its never ending. All the business which have achieved sustainability, profitability and growth for decades have been based on the fact of realising their core. A core which is originated to fulfill some particular need of the society or nature. If the core is formed with an objective of only making money, it will perish after a certain period. To make a business which lasts for many decades it is important to identify the core of the business. Most of the organisations operate at their relative level instead of operating from their core, they usually digress form their path after a certain time. Jim Collins in his book ‘Built to last’ talks about the same ideology, that to have a strong core for any business. A strong and empowered core shall lead to strong resolutions and success.The purpose, mission and vision of any organisation form the core of a business organisation. This once formed should not change and if it changes very frequently, you know the where is the problem.

The Influencing layers of business:

Like an individual, a business when started, is started with a core purpose however, as the business grows with time it is influenced by some direct and indirect factors. These are the direct and indirect influencing layers of business.

The indirect influencing layers: Market dynamics, competitors, government policies, customer demands, technological advancements, geo-political circumstances etc. can be some of the indirect influencing layers.

The direct influencing layers: Employees, product and services, processes, leadership and business performance can be some of the many direct influencing layers which affect the business.

These layers feed information to business which affects its decision making - thoughts and actions. If the business is not very well connected to its core there are very good chances that, the business is easily influenced by these layers and may not be able to pass the test of time.

Processes, technology, products, services, people and leadership keep changing in business, external environment affects the business indirectly and directly in many ways what keeps the business intact, is the core. Change is inevitable however, if the change is result of any influencing layers without the Core energy in it, there are fair chances that it may end in a problem for any business. Businesses have to sensitive to external environment and strong at core.

The process of Corepeeling for business is not different from the process of CorePeeling for individuals.

The three legged process remains same:
1. Understand your body and mind
2. Engage with your body and mind
3. Empower your core

The only change is the way this process is executed.

The Three A's:

The three A's of Accept, Analyse and Adapt - is a very important tool which enables a business to accept the influencing layers, analyse the effects and reasons to adapt itself for getting the desired results.

Corepeelers, implements its tools and techniques to help prepare empowered business organisations. Build business organisations which last more than a lifetime.

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