CorePeelers 3D Master Class

Connect with YOUR CORE To Achieve All What YOU Deserve!

Program Introduction

Did you know you were born with immense powers as a child? Your Real Self.

However, in your journey to adulthood, these powers have been covered with multiple layers, which were directly or indirectly laid upon your core. We call them influencing layers, because these layers have been influencing your thoughts and actions to date. The initial layers were of the thought and belief system put upon you by your parents, religion, and extended family. As you grew up, additional layers of your friends, education, society, and nowadays the Internet too were laid on you.

We call these layers indirect influencing layers because they are learning which have come to you from other's experiences. In this beautiful journey of life, you also learned by yourself through some direct experiences: direct media, various events of your life, traveling, nature, sports, discussions, and your work. We call them direct influencing layers.

These direct and indirect learnings that you have received produce the thoughts and actions which are at a relative level. When you seek solutions to your problems, your mind provides them by relating the problem to these layers, or your previous learnings – hence the solution you get is also at a relative level. Since these layers are so thick on your core, you engage yourself only with the relative truth for most of the time and are kept away from the real truth. This may lead to a temporary or wrong solution.

This program enables you to connect with yourself:

  1. Identify and DE-LAYER your Influencing Layers
  2. DISCOVER your Potential by identifying your Energy Flows
  3. DE-CODE your Success Index and decide your next actions to achieve your Goals

What you can expect after this program:

  1. Know your Influencing Layers which Influence your thoughts, actions, decisions and GOALS.
  2. Know your Energy Potential Index - Your Energy. Conservation and Consumption Patterns.
  3. Know your Success Potential Index as against your goals and objectives.
  4. Know your Will Power Index.
  5. Know your Energy Form.


How you react to a situation in life is heavily dependent on your influencing layers, hence it becomes very important for you to understand what are the different influencing layers on you? How are these influencing layers affecting your daily life? Why is it important for you to understand them? Why should you always be cognizant of them?

Others define you and your personality by the influencing layers on you, and these started to take shape from the moment you were born. You were immediately given a name by others; you were aligned to a certain religion; people who were responsible for bringing you into this world - your parents - immediately took control of your life. As you start to grow, you are being given a certain set of instructions on how to lead your life; you are being told what to do and what not to do. Being a student, you are taught the known information on various subjects. We are purposefully calling it information and not knowledge, for it is the data that is coming to you from the experiences or experiments of others. Is this information wrong? Maybe not, but it is available only at a relative level. Newton Discovered Gravity is information, not knowledge. Experiencing gravity in day-to-day life, how it affects your energy system and how you can use it in conjunction with your body to draw maximum results is knowledge. Can it be taught to you? Perhaps, but again that will just be information.

Everything that you have learnt through your 5 Senses is a relative truth and is a subject of Body and Mind. The Real truth is a subject of your Core. Every experience leaves you with an after thought and subsequent actions, these thoughts and actions result into forming up your belief system.

Since, brain works in patterns and responds only to the data which has been fed into it through these experiences, you mostly end up with dealing, at the level of your Relative truth. Since, you are away from the Real truth, you operate and relate the things at a superficial level leading to negative thoughts and feelings, sometimes. CorePeeling will help you to work with your Core, be close to your Real Truth and find a way to Inner Satisfaction, Peace and Love in whatever you do. Success and Happiness will always be close to you.


Energy is the only live force in this universe. Energy and its origination is the same everywhere, whether inside your body, on this planet, or out in the universe. Energy originates from the nucleus of an atom, binds the electrons, and forms the matter. Its flow and interaction within the matter and outside with other matter defines the form and type of it. Energy certainly has different roles to play at different times and places while interacting with a thing (matter). Wherever there is action there is an energy movement and every energy movement has a resulting action to it.


You are interacting with these three forms of energy at all times voluntarily or involuntarily, in all states of your mind. Do you know that as you interact with these three forms, one of them has always been dominant in you from the day you were born? This dominance is reflected in all of your thoughts and actions. Are you aware of the chronological order of their dominance within you? You are either a good creator, operator, or a finisher. There are multiple combinations which also work within you for these three forms.

When the energy while flowing interacts with your influencing layers, the event or circumstance that results is "thought energy". This energy is produced in your brain - which works on logic and patterns. Thought energy remains in your brain unless it is powered with your core energy to be converted into a strong resolution. Resolution remains a resolution unless powered with energy to change it to action and finally an experience. At every stage energy interacts with matter to either start a process, run a process, or end a process.

You are now being introduced to three primary forms of energy:

Creative Energy-required to start or create some event, activity, or experience

Operational Energy–required to run, operate, or manage some event or activity

Finisher energy–required to bring an event, activity, or experience to its probable end

This process of energy flow keeps happening all the time within your body, your surroundings, and the universe. Nothing is static in the realm of energy. When there is a constant movement in the atom all the time, how can other things which are made up of atoms be static, including you?


There is a very subtle but strong connection between your influencing layers and your core. This relationship is more to be felt than understood. Influencing layers are the primary set of layers on your mind and core. Every experience and the insights drawn from it pass through your influencing layers and get absorbed by them to finally result in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It is important that this relationship between the two is understood well because your influencing layers dictate how your energy system works. The journey to your core starts with your influencing layers. Peeling the layers does not mean removing the layer–rather, it means understanding your layers, accepting them and engaging with them so that you get the right insights. When the energy coming back with insights from an experience is undeterred and unaffected by the influencing layers, you tend to conserve more energy, consume less energy,

and receive more truthful insights. For example: suppose you had a very comfortable childhood where you were pampered a lot. None of your parents, relative, or friends ever questioned what you did, no matter how good or bad it was. As you grew up, this trait became very dominating in you and you started to dislike anyone who questioned you. At your job, even if your boss questioned you on some very normal statistics, you would feel offended.


This resulted in fear or anger, and these emotional reactions further resulted in loss of energy at your core. Doubt is one of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to connecting with your core. This doubt resides in the influencing layers on your mind, and whenever you have doubts, your mind is unable to regulate and monitor energy flow in a proper way. With doubt, weak energy is released from your core, resulting in a weak resolution and subsequently a weak action. Someone who understands or interprets words through their meaning only is bound to feel doubtful. To be doubtless, one has to absorb the word and its feelings. A person becomes doubtless only when he rises above attraction and aversion, when he rises above happiness and sadness. Strong willpower leads to strong resolution and further to effective thoughts and actions.


Increasing the focus and totality of the mind by decreasing the quantity of doubt results in powerful thoughts and actions. Insights derived by those thoughts and actions are also powerful. Influencing layers act in a very subtle manner and sit inside your mind as information, insights, and a strong belief system. The moment you have an experience and information is received by your brain, the first thing the brain does is start to relate that information with the available data in your influencing layers, and just before you are about to decide upon a thought or action, it creates doubt, which is the result of that relativity produced at brain level. This doubt is a big deterrent for your resolution and willpower. Your core is the owner of your willpower, so the stronger the willpower, the stronger the quality and focus of energy released from core. If the resolution is made at a relative level, the deliverable will also be at a relative level and the chances of it being deprived of the real truth are very high. This will take you away from your goal of success, prosperity, and happiness.

Let's go into this program with an intent to De-Layer ourselves with extra unwanted layers on ourselves, Discover new aspects of our Inner Self and De-Code our Experiences with Inner and Outer World to further Empower our Core. will soon be meeting the New YOU.

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