Become A CorePeeler

Where is my Career Going?
Why my relationships are not going good?
How do I manage my conflicts?
How will my suffering end?
Why I do not have sufficient money?
How can I be Happy?
How can I know and achieve my purpose?
How can I be successful?
How do we get answers to these and many such issues which may be different for different individuals?

Don’t we all keep searching external support to resolve these issues with us, and we consistently keep doing the same, day after day, year after year…and we lose a lot of our precious time without finding right answers.

So, where do we find these answers. Right answers to all these issues are actually within us, and they come to us only when we are well connected with our CORE and empower our core to drive us on our journey.

Using a three-phase smart technique from knowing yourself, aligning yourself and empowering your core, we at CorePeelers invite you to join this journey of becoming a CorePeeler.

Get your Cap now!

Yellow Cap

Self-study sessions

Take a tour to our self- study section and get all your queries regarding the CorePeelers and CorePeeling. It includes self-study sessions of 30 min. each.

Begin Your Journey

Blue Cap

10-week Immersion Module

Immerse completely into our 10 week CorePeelers Immersion module, wherein you invest 1 hour / week to learn and practice our smart techniques. You may choose to seek support from our experienced mentors or drive on this journey all by yourself. We will ensure that, technology is with you always to assist you, as you may choose to grab your blue cap through our online platform.

Explore CorePeeling

Orange Cap

2 Day Workshop

Time to Become a certified CorePeeler. Once you have grabbed your yellow and blue caps, it is time to meet your fellow CorePeelers in a two-day workshop. A time to be a certified CorePeeler where, you will be awarded an Orange cap, which you may want to proudly own and use to become a mentor.

Be a Certified CorePeeler

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