Partner Orientation Program for CorePeelers Europe

Details of Orientation Session (Online):

  • 20 People per Batch
  • Duration: 2 Hrs.
  • CorePeeler Business Partner Orientationpossibilities and opportunities of starting your own business by becoming a CorePeeler

Details of Value Based CorePeeling Session (Online):

Value Based CorePeeling Session is a very short experiential introductory session which will help you to understand the process of CorePeeling and how you can use this process to benefit your self and others. This session is delivered by Expert CorePeelers who will give you a taste of CorePeeling and benefits arising of it.

  1. Individual sessions by Expert CorePeelers
  2. Duration: 4 Hrs.
  3. Deliverables
    • Understanding your Body and MindYou will come to know about some of your inner beliefs and layers which are detrimental to your desired Success and Happiness. You will explore some unexplored aspects of your own Body and Mind.
    • Engaging with your Energy Systems You will become aware of your own Energy Form and Energy Flows and their relationships with your emotions. This will add awareness to your own self and the way it works or responds to inner / external triggers.
    • Empowering your Core You will be able to experience your Core and learn to empower it by managing your Energy Flows. This will improve your Success Rate in all transactions of your life.

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