Activating the Process of CorePeeling

The Three-Step Process

A journey to connect with yourself is the most exciting one you could ever embark upon. Like any other journey, this one also requires you to make some preparations before you begin. You are required to prepare, engage and empower yourself, as this is an experiential journey which will have its own set of twists and turns for which you have to be ready. Preparing is knowing everything you have for your journey, engaging is using all those things on your journey and empowering is enjoying your journey in the most experiential way.

The journey to your own self will give you some of the best experiences of your life as you will meet the most important person in your life – the real you.


As you prepare for any journey by booking your tickets, packing the right clothes, planning for logistics, in the same way, preparing for a journey to your core requires some initial understanding of your influencing layers, your body (in terms of your five senses, their strengths and weaknesses), your energy forms and your mind, in terms of how it functions and what thoughts it is generating. Understanding yourself is the first step to your journey to your core, and understanding your body is like discovering the hidden aspects of your life, body, and mind which will be required to connect with your core in the course of this journey.


What happens if you have everything required for a journey but you do not know how to use it? Once you have understood the various aspects of your body and mind, you must learn how to align them and how to use them to peel off your influencing layers. Engaging with your aligned body and mind to control the energy tradeoffs between your body and mind is the second and most important part of your journey. It will be highly experiential in nature and will provide you with many instances for discovering the completely unexplored part of you. You will be able to establish a relationship between your relative and real truth. In the process, you learn to conserve and consume your energies in the most optimized manner, which makes you more powerful and focused within your body and mind.


Only an aligned body and mind can move forward on this journey of connecting with and empowering the core. The aligned body and mind can easily connect with your emotional body, as it is the gateway to connect with your core. It is the outer-most layer of your core, and breaking through that layer to connect with your core is a great experience to have. This experience for every event in your life will expose the real truth hidden behind that event. As you practice empowering your core, which is a never-ending part of the journey, you keep coming close to yourself each time. You keep identifying the real reasons for your problems, you keep arriving at the real solutions to your problems, you keep increasing the success rate of all your efforts. You start to experience satisfaction, peace, and love for everyone and everything that touches you. This is the most beautiful part of your journey, as you will be living a life led by the real you.

It should be understood here that CorePeeling is not a one-time process – rather it is a journey which is neverending process, requiring regular practice and use of relevant techniques to make you a more powerful and evolved person.

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