Achal Sharma

Thought Leader | Author | Coach

Achal Sharma popularly known as ‘AC’ among his clients and peers, is a name that has emerged as an author, social reformer, speaker, motivator, life and business coach. With his multi-talented personality, he has already created a pool of niche offerings for the global society, as a whole. Following his inner voice, one of his recent contribution to the society has come through a very novel concept or methodology for empowering people and connecting them with their own selves using modern day tools and technology. This concept has also been penned by him through his latest book titled – ‘CorePeelers – a Journey to your Core…’ which has already become a bestseller on Amazon. He is also on the panel of Government of India for various policy related matters.

Don’t force yourself into anything, nor let anything be forced onto yourself”, is a thought that AC has been living with, for the last many years. A corporate professional with a spiritual bent of mind who has worked in leadership positions in varied domains of media and business consulting, loves to see life beyond the obvious. He believes, that real knowledge comes from direct experience and to have that, one has to be well connected with his own self.

His vision to prepare the next generation of empowered individuals and organisations takes his work beyond geographical and demographical boundaries. His value delivery system has fetched him clients from all over the world. His acumen to see through the obvious has made him a great life coach. As he inspires the next generation through various workshops and seminars that he conducts across India, his global list of clients who are seeking life coaching from him is also increasing by the day. He life coaching has a fetched him a rich client base which spreads across politicians, sportsmen, professionals, students and housekeepers.

As his professional engagement, he is also a business coach and consultant who is working with clients globally to help them achieve their business goals and objectives. Whether, it be related to their business or digital transformational strategies or on specific processes like advertising, marketing, finance and technology, his clients have always benefitted from his expertise and experience. Working in his current professional capacity he has contributed to many Fortune 500 companies to achieve their business objectives.

He inspires and motivates as a powerful public speaker. AC has spoken at various forums on subjects related to self- management, policies and politics, business management. His knowledge about these subjects and his style of representing, makes him stand apart from his contemporaries.

AC continues in his relentless efforts to give it back to the society and is currently working upon new methodologies which people can easily use to achieve desired results. His vision to uplift the global society by empowering people with their own strengths, is a selfless mission that he taken onto himself.

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