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About Corepeelers

The Innovative concept of CorePeelers was conceptualised by Mr. Achal Sharma ‘AC’ about 19 years back. However, as every birth has a time of its own this methodology metamorphosed with the changing generations, societies and global developments. It actualised in the current times to become relevant for all generations including Gen-Z. ‘AC’ penned down this concept in the form of book – ‘CorePeelers…a journey to your Core’ which is already a Best Seller Worldwide on Amazon.

The concept which was picked up from CorePeelers book, emphasises that you were born powerful and have subdued those powers by adding multiple layers to your original self - Your Core. CorePeelers is a simple but powerful experiential methodology which helps you to identify the lost or ignored aspects within you. It further helps you to peel the influencing layers…to reach back to your core…connect with it and empower it…to  achieve your desired goals. The extensive use of technology in the concept converted it into a very powerful self help tool and experiencial online programs.

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As destiny would have it, CorePeelers became an inspirational movement and many people from cross-country geographies started to come together to bring this concept to life. People who are separated by diversified cultures, languages, age, experiences, and religion but unified by a common purpose of greater good. The combined wisdom, experience, and intellect of these people has resulted in developing CorePeelers as a powerful organisation which is helping people at various levels to connect to their own self and empower their core to live a more satisfying life.

CorePeelers is committed to provide you an experience of a lifetime. CorePeelers smart tools and techniques, if used effectively by you on one hand will empower you to find your own solutions and on the other hand will make you skilful in becoming a CorePeeler, who would further become our Ambassador to the society and make this world a better place.

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Connect with and empower your core to lead a fulfilling life, in all its facets.

Our Team

In order to accomplish its vision and goals that are set to help the global society, CorePeelers inhabits a global team and combined wisdom of experienced professionals, who hail from different sections of the society. Our Global Team comprises of people with varied experiences from various fields such as – Business Consultants, Life Coaches, Self- Management Experts, Publishers, Authors, Social Development Experts, Technology Consultants, Content Services Experts, Digital Marketing Experts, Trainers, and Advertising Experts.

Each member of the team is committed to adding value to the society, through their experience and expertise.

Should you want to be part of CorePeelers and contribute to a positive world?

Go ahead and Become a CorePeeler.

Our Advisory Team

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